An Earthquake Inside

The soil started shifting under all of the weight
the destructive force of tectonic plates

a tear in the seam of the once sturdy earth
the moon surrendering to its own rebirth

the water began to stream from the fountains
the rocks they quivered, spilling down from the mountains

When there’s an earthquake inside, how do you care about the plastic?
how can you be your former self when the changes are so drastic?

a thousand fires burn inside your heart
you feel yourself being torn apart

as these objects tremble on the surface
you can’t help but wonder, what is our true purpose?

diving deep down into unexplored caves
swallowed further and faster by the tumbling waves

the subterranean world of your complex mind
you see that the ego makes you blind

a mask that prevents you from seeing
a cavern of thoughts that plagues your being

it calls you names so you exist in fear
it makes you believe you must interfere

but you come to see it is all a choice
you don’t have to succumb to that constraining voice

so you rise up and you reclaim the hour
you strike the earth and redeem your power

this earthquake comes to offer a cleansing
you look up to see that your world is mending

and you know that change begins with bleeding
for within this destruction, there lies your healing


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  1. Hi Michelle

    My heart goes out to you and I will pray for you. Last week, I came across the story of Anita Moorjani who survived lymphomatic cancer and came back from the dead to tell her story. Read her book if you havent already. Today, I came across your story. Its not a coincidence. You will get better, you have it inside you already. You are a magnificient creation and you will heal. God bless


  2. Thanks for your lovely words of awakening; just read “an earthquake inside” on fb…


  3. Beautiful…….


  4. This literally, but also emotionally, pulls at enormous heart strings for me. Thank you. You are radiant, and a beacon of light, beaming golden rays to all you encounter x


  5. Poignant and moving, earthmoving ! I was sent your post by my sister today. I am totally inspired by your conscious awareness and recognition of the restrictions of Ego, as a Consciousness Life Coach it is fascinating to see how your “Earthquake Inside” has shifted your consciousness. I love your poem, it is so very powerful and yet so simple and true. You are truly inspiring.


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