A New Crown

And she watched herself burn in the smoke and the fire
white hot flames that she slowly began to admire
and she cried and cried as the remnants were cast
and her ways and woes became a part of the past,

The wind swept the embers of who she used to be
like ripples dancing across the surface of the sea
like pages of history ripped from a book
she whispered goodbye, grabbed her coat from its hook
and left without giving it one final look,

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
she felt herself slowly beginning to trust
and all that was left was raw vulnerability
she woke up to see the patterns of synchronicity
and she knew it was time to step into her light,
fireflies lit up the path that lay dormant at night,

She held her head high, hair falling to the ground
strands of golden thread that didn’t make a sound
she didn’t look back and she didn’t look down
she carried on upwards, refusing to drown,

With a spring in her step and a fire in her toes
her body was made of iron and bones
sturdy as the wind, light as a feather
she bent and she bruised, she changed like the weather,

She raised her marble wings to the sun
and she knew before it was over, she’d already won
and she never looked back and she never looked down
she flew into the horizon, wearing her crown

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  1. An incredibly powerful piece of writing, completely moving.


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