Mountain Inspired Musings


A girl staring up into the ether, contemplating her purpose here on Earth. Her breath heavy from a walk up into the African mountains, over rocks and ochre red rivers, time spent in mother nature’s garden connecting to the pulse of the forest and to the hearts of kindred souls, new friends that appear to be brothers and sisters from past lives. The only thing for her left to do is to plunder forward into the now with a wild strength she never knew she possessed and the collective power of a thousand trees that emblazon the forest with their tangled roots and sturdy trunks and the ancient wisdom of lives lived in silence, observing all that is. She thrusts herself into the unknown with blind faith, intuitively knowing that despite all her fears, life will catch her. She will be rewarded for her courage. There is an illuminated force that is always above her, always within her, that guides her through the dark forest, into the beaming light.

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