In the forest




In the forest I am free
In the forest I am able to return to me
I absorb the sunlight and the mountain stream
and my anxiety slips away on an afternoon breeze
and everything is whole and everything is right
the day is the day and the night is the night
and I know that my beauty is not exterior
it is not my clothes or my hair or something material
my beauty is felt, like the sun on the earth
its not worshipped for its looks, but for the life that it births
its a feeling inside that glitters on the surface
its your essence, your glow, your bold sense of purpose
its your laugh and your charisma and your radiant charm
the way you dance when your happy yet still emanate calm
your beauty isn’t your hair, your body, or your skin
your beauty is so much deeper, your beauty lies within
and as these golden strands fall from your crown
I hope you can see there’s no reason to frown
for you are not your hair, you are beaming light
so when its time for it to go, don’t put up a fight
and in those moments of doubt, when you feel out of place
just return to the forest and find empty space
amidst the tall trees and the emerald moss
you know that you are infinite, do not feel any loss
for this life is just a moment… before you return to the cosmos.

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